There is no RIGHT answer to these three strategic thinking questions today. In fact, I'm not even sure the answers for me, let alone the answers for you with these strategic thinking questions about how you allocate your thinking time.

Nevertheless, I jotted down these questions after mass recently based on a Bible reading that day. Reflecting on this year's accomplishments and missteps, and wondering about what the future holds, these three strategic thinking questions can help in prioritizing your thinking time and identifying what to stay away from in daily activities:

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How much time do you spend thinking about . . .

  • Things that are certain to happen at a pretty certain time?
  • Things that are pretty certain to happen, but you can't be sure when?
  • Things that may or may not EVER happen?

For me, it's intriguing to not only think about how much time I spend thinking about items in each  category, but even HOW to assign things in my personal and professional life to each category.

I'm over-weighted toward thinking about things that may or may not ever happen. From both my personality and profession, imagining the future's varied possibilities - whether they'll ever happen or not - is a skill I try to actively cultivate.

That emphasis means I often put off thinking about certain things at certain times until the latest possible moment. As for the middle group, those things are out there, but easy to overlook because they always seem to be in the distant future. The thing is, some day they will be staring us in the face, and we'll only be as ready as the time we've devoted to considering them combined with the inspiration of the moment.

See what I mean?

No clear right answers, but three strategic thinking questions to consider as the New Year certainly approaches. Mike Brown


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