You start writing blog posts, stick with it nearly every day, repeat that for nearly eight years, and suddenly, you have two thousand blog posts.

At least that's what has happened with the Brainzooming blog!

Today, based on the post counter in Wordpress, is our two thousandth blog.

MM, 2K, 2000

The blog started on the Blogger platform in November 2007 after seeing Jessica Myers (who was at Garmin Industries at the time) speak at a conference about being able to start a blog for free in just ten minutes. The first two years, I was writing the blog while still at YRC Worldwide. I would come home Friday nights and stay up until all hours on Saturday morning writing Brainzooming plus five humor blog posts and one spirituality blog post for other blogs I later created.

Yes, you can do too much of a good thing.

While having a daily deadline has become less stimulating creatively over the years, I shudder to think of how much experience and the number of strategic thinking exercises that would have come and gone without any documentation if not for the Brainzooming blog.

While the Brainzooming blog serves multiple functions, one of the most important for me is as my own professional reference source.

  • If we're headed into a client session or a meeting and need a few creative thinking questions, I visit the blog and grab suitable questions from one of our compilation posts.
  • In preparing a strategic thinking workshop or updating a presentation, I search for new Brainzooming articles and images since the last update to freshen and expand content.
  • When we have a call with a prospective client to cover questions about our process and approach to strategic thinking exercises, I'll open multiple browser tabs, each containing a previous blog post that answers a likely question.
  • In creating a new eBook or Fake Book, the blog provides the starting content we can arrange and share in new formations.

Thank You!

So, thanks to Jessica Myers for her first suggestion.

Thank you to YRC Worldwide for its support of the blog's early years, Seth Simonds for handling the free conversion from Blogger to Wordpress, and to Mike Whaling of 30 Lines for his help making tweaks during the years, especially when a server attack put us on the Google bad website list a few years ago.

Thank you to all the guest authors over the years, especially Woody Bendle, who has to be at the top of the list based on the number of posts with his insightful writing on customer and brand experience (and other topics) over the past several years.

Thanks to our Brainzooming clients since our start around this time in 2009 for their support and work with The Brainzooming Group. It's our client engagements and workshops on strategy, innovation, creativity, social media, and content marketing (among other areas) that keep the lights on and the computers going to be able to share our strategic thinking exercises with you.


Finally, thanks to all of you readers around the world - whether you are a new reader, read our content sporadically, or have been a faithful reader since the blog's earliest days! - Mike Brown

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