Here's the final part of the series on 10 NO's blocking business innovation. Please share your thoughts on dealing with these implementation and measurement challenges.

9. NO Success at Implementation

Intriguing ideas and concepts are cool, but only have value ultimately if they lead to successful implementation and deliver benefits for the intended audience. There are various roadblocks to successful implementation, including flaws in how ideas are recommended, prioritized, developed, and marketed to target audiences. With all those potential challenges, it's a wonder anything new actually takes place! What Are Some Things You Can Try?

10. No Measures

It's difficult to sustain formal innovation efforts without metrics in place to show ROI or even general positive improvement. Even earlier in the process, the absence of metrics makes identifying and prioritizing innovation opportunities a shot in the dark. Simply put: no metrics = no hope of long term innovation. What Are Some Things You Can Try?

That's the wrap up for 10 NO's blocking business innovation. I found out today that THe Conference on Marketing where this presentation was originally scheduled has been moved to November.

In the meantime, I'll be sharing this material at the Charlotte, NC Business Marketing Association Meeting, March 18. If you're in the Carolinas, hope to see you there!

In the interim, you can download an ebook version of "Taking the NO Out of InNOvation" from Slideshare.