Today's two NO's blocking innovation tie back to something lacking - time, dollars, attention, support, etc.

5. There's NO Tomorrow

This NO springs from the conviction things will be won or lost in the short term, so there's little need for long term development. Or it may be there's no patience for protracted realization of opportunities. If it's going to be pursued, it needs to be developed and start paying out by the next quarter. With the current economic environment, this sentiment could be more prevalent than ever. What Are Some Things You Can Try?

6. NO Resources

As with a "no tomorrow" view, lowered interest in applying resources to innovation may be more acutely felt right now. The absence of specific resources can be broad, including management attention, available time, and investment dollars. Without these vital inputs, innovation stalls or never takes off in the first place. What Are Some Things You Can Try?

On Thursday, attention turns to NO's 7 and 8 along with challenges in catalyzing innovation.