Beyond challenges to direction and resources, innovation efforts can really start to fail as ideas have to be turned into actions. InNOvation NO's 7 and 8 are related to issues with people and processes.

7. NO Motivation to Innovate

Something's lacking that dampens an internal drive to innovate. It could be an environment that doesn't promote cooperation, no opportunity to receive credit for your effort, or a lack of other meaningful incentives to bring ideas forward and develop them. The net result is that innovation isn't happening as naturally as it might. What Are Some Things You Can Try?

8. NO Process

There are instances where innovation appears to emanate naturally from within an organization. Chances are though that it's been cultivated and developed through a process, even if it's a relatively small scale and informal one. Without some type of planning and organized means to realize innovation, barriers and bureaucracy can easily block new ideas from coming to fruition.
What Are Some Things You Can Try?

Friday's wrap-up on NO's blocking InNOvation focuses on actually implementing and measuring the results of your innovation work.