Do you spend more time thinking about Marketing than Manning?

More interested in Bud than Bowl?

Think the Super Bowl is really a bunch of cool ads interrupted by guys in padding hitting each other?

Then you're in the right place for live and post-game analysis of Super Bowl XLIV  ads and social media from a group of seasoned marketing, branding, and social media observers.

How can you participate?

  • Check below for a live feed of all the tweets using our #BZBowl hashtag.
  • Log on to Twitter and tweet your observations about the ads. Just be sure to include #BZBowl in your tweet so it shows up below. For even broader visibility for your tweet, also include #SuperBowlAds in your tweet so those following that hashtag will see what you're saying on #BZBowl.
  • During and after the game, we'll provide updated commentary, ratings of ads using the SUCCESS criteria from "Made to Stick," and videos of the best and worst Super Bowl advertisements. You can grab your own expected ad list and score sheet below.

Thanks for playing! To see a list of expected Tweeters and links to other resources, you can visit our main #BZBowl page too.

And if you're a first time visitor to Brainzooming, learn more about what we do to catalyze innovative success!

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