Since Super Bowl XLIV is a great opportunity to review how successfully other marketers are linking strategy and creativity, Brainzooming will feature a live Super Bowl XLIV Twitter stream and before, during, and after game ad and social media analysis.

We'll use the #BZBowl hashtag, and invite all of you to participate on Twitter with your opinions on the Super Bowl ads before, during, and after the game between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts.

Here are some cool, innovative tweeters who've said they'll participate:

  • @ealvarezgibson - Whip-smart wordsmith. Media maven. Bon viveur.
  • @Reaburn - fulltime husbandfatherfriend, servicemarketer, studentobserver, sarcasmoblaster
  • @prather45 - Corporate Troubleshooter, Opportunist, Futurist, Editor Armada Executive Intelligence Briefing
  • @barrettsydnor - Strategic Contributor at Brainzooming
  • @JohnDigles - Category-Creating CMO. NYSE:IPG Agency SVP/GM. Award-Winning Indie Filmmaker. DePaul Univ MBA Adviser. Social Entrepreneur.
  • @a_greenwood - Public Relations pro extraordinaire, writer, indie novelist, raconteur & man about town. Author of thriller ebook Pilate's Cross
  • @DebDobson - Social media, Technology Consultant. Former Law Firm Assistant IS Director. Love tennis, cycling, music, football. Love people & business.
  • @AlexisCeule - Social Media Mamapreneur: Making your brand social, by word of mouse. Let's get snarky! (I love me some @Train music too!)
  • @melrp - Market researcher (qual.), photographer, tomato grower, appreciator of most things.
  • @FunnyEye - Immortalizing Corporate Screw-Ups, Stupidity, & Jargon
  • @BizDriveTime - Marketplace news hub for leadership, innovation and new products. A service of NeuVision Group and Dave E. Anderson
  • @ariegoldshlager - Customer Management, Information-Based Marketing, and Innovation expert.
  • @MeghanMBiro - Founder/Entrepreneur + Career Strategist + Mentor + Idea Incubator + Blogger + Culture (people, green, innovation, new media, arts) Enthusiast @TalentCulture
  • @Brainzooming - me

Join us on Twitter and share your perspectives! All you have to do is include "#BZBowl" in your Super Bowl ad tweets. (Click here to learn more about hashtags and what they do.)

We'll also be assessing Super Bowl ads, using the "Made to Stick" formula that make up the great book by Chip and Dan Heath. They spell out 6 characteristics for ideas with staying power:

  • Simplicity
  • Unexpected
  • Concrete
  • Credibility
  • Emotion
  • Stories

Grab a listing below of expected ads for the SuperBowl to keep track at home.

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Brainzooming will also feature our picks for the best and worst Super Bowl ads based on these criteria. We'll see how the formula and strategy match up with other best/worst ad lists.

Check the Brainzooming update page to view the tweet stream, updated commentary, and the "Made to Stick" recap.

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