Since things are usually pretty hectic on January 2, with a lot of catch up to do, today’s post is brief, focusing on a key point for consideration.
Great strategic thinking flows more readily if you’re able to use multiple perspectives that help you gain new insights into your situation. You can also improve the time efficiency of strategic thinking by using productive exercises & tools. We’ll cover both of these areas throughout the year.
Ultimately, though, you will have to set aside some time to actually do the work of strategic thinking. You can make the time as productive as possible if you know under what circumstances you do your best thinking:

  • Do you need quiet time away or are you more insightful when you’re active and in the thick of things?
  • Inside or outside?
  • By yourself or with others? With which other people?
  • Well in advance or under time pressures?
  • Being quiet or talking it through aloud?
  • Scheduled or impromptu?

Figured out yet what type of strategic thinking time works best for you? Once you do, make time throughout 2008 where you can create the ideal situation for productive strategic thinking. We’ll bring the tools & exercises to help create the perspectives you’ll need. It’s a date!

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