I'll admit this Dilbert comic strip takes the idea of sharing credit in the interests of making innovation happen to its absurd extreme. But then again, isn't Dilbert around precisely to take business situations to the absurd extreme?

Taking Credit vs. Making Innovation Happen

In this case, if you've ever wrestled with making innovation happen with a boss or organization that just doesn't get it, chances are you've used at least a milder version of the strategic thinking skills has on display here. At some point when you have hit wall after wall in the pursuit of making innovation happen, you face the fundamental question: What's more important to me - credit for the work or getting something done?


I'm a big proponent, if it's something that matters, of surrendering credit when it appears to be the only way you'll move an initiative forward.

That is a recommendation many people cannot or will not accept. Making this decision takes self-confidence, emotional maturity, and strong strategic thinking skills to be able to determine when giving up credit is the right strategy and when it isn't.

Boosting Your Strategic Thinking Skills

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What do you think about Dilbert's decision to "bossify" his idea to gain funding? If you have ever decided to bossify a project, how did it work out for you and your organization? -  Mike Brown

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