A new national experiment begins. Strategically, it's smart to avoid experiments at the top of any organization, but this is what we're facing. 

How will this experiment unfold?

Will it be like a Bugs Bunny cartoon from long ago where Elmer Fudd took on the persona of whatever hat he wore? Does being in a particular position cause one to suddenly behave in an appropriate manner for the office one assumes?

Will it be like having a turnaround CEO at the top? One good turnaround CEO whose tenure I lived through didn't particularly trust anyone. He wanted others under him that didn't trust the functions they were supervising. Because of this, they weren’t always well-versed in the areas they were running. Ultimately, he was looking to them to make hard decisions with no attachment to the past.

Will it be like having a sociopath running the show? Having lived through several leaders who acted dangerously, inappropriately, and without regard for others, that would be a rough go for everyone, no matter your political preference.

Will it demonstrate the power of prayer? If enough people started praying for better leadership, would divine intervention save us from what is already an ugly pattern that seems to have no hope of ending well, absent a miracle?

Will it prove, as many believe, that a business person with an up-and-down track record is really U.S. Grant, Adolf Hitler, Hugh Hefner, and Lester Maddox, with healthy doses of nepotism, all rolled into one? It might seem extreme, but you can easily connect the dots and find yourself pointed in that direction.

Will it cause all of us, the people of this nation, to rethink our political and social structures, and aggressively work for something better in 2020? Lord, I hope that's the case.

As much as it would be nice to be a disinterested observer of this experiment, no one in the United States (or the world, for that matter), can afford that attitude. 

Pick your position, do your strategic thinking, and start creating positive change -- today! – Mike Brown