As mentioned in our article on integrating spiritual and business lives, Stephen Lahey (of and I recorded a podcast conversation on the topic. We discussed motivations, benefits, and occasional challenges to having one's spiritual life placed front and center as you make business decisions and chart your course as an entrepreneur. I think of it as strategic living.

Stephen has published the podcast, and I'd invite you to both listen and respond to our conversation on integrating spiritual and business lives as an entrepreneur.


I really appreciate Stephen's support for Brainzooming. He has shared multiple strategic ideas for us from his vantage point as a reader and entrepreneur. Additionally, his recommendations on business development and client relations approaches have translated into thousands of dollars of new revenue and profit we'd have otherwise not captured.

That's pretty incredible ROI!

So take a break from Brainzooming today, visit to engage in the conversation on strategic living. - Mike Brown

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