I have been having Facebook conversations with a friend for several weeks about God's voice in providing strategic direction - whether personally or for a career. Amid those conversations and sharing a message I had received in prayer one morning that was for HER specifically, I happened upon an idea:

God reaches us through those that reach us.

The point is while we might be looking for flashes of lightning and thunder to accompany a divine message, God is going to try to reach us through the people around us that we interact with, share our challenges and hopes with, and listen to most earnestly. Because THOSE interactions can seem so common, however, it is easy to miss when a divine message appears wrapped in everyday conversation.

The other day, our Facebook conversation turned to a song that showed up a couple of times for her recently. One instance was related to a time of personal challenge where she has been seeking answers; the other was when she was acting on the divine message I had passed along to her. Within our conversation, these seemingly unconnected instances revealed a potentially profound relevance to one another. That part of the conversation led to scribbling out a few sentence on a notebook as I was hitting the road to go home for a pre-Christmas visit.

Prettied up and edited a bit, it is conveyed in the graphic here.


This may surprise some of you, but as the years go by, I have become increasingly devoted to trying to pray more and listen to divine messages offering strategic direction. Sometimes the messages are big; most times, however, they are simple, direct, nudges taking me in a different direction or confirming what I have been contemplating.

And if you are part of a Brainzooming workshop or presentation, you can be pretty assured I have prayed not only for your openness to new thinking, but that I can humbly serve you with any and all talents I have been blessed with to help you. If things are more challenging or difficult than expected during a workshop or presentation, you can bet I am praying for both of us during a break to mutually find the way to make progress.

As we enter the holiday season, I am going to try to blog less and focus more on looking ahead to the future of Brainzooming and what we need to do to grow and improve what we do for clients and readers. That will take prayer time to create more opportunities to listen and look for divine messages and strategic direction. It is also going to take some time away from the day-to-day stuff.

I want to take this opportunity then to say Happy Holidays to all of you, and thank you for reading what we have to share on a daily basis. Our motivation is to help you daily, and we will do everything we can to fulfill on the promise even better in 2016 than we did in 2015.

God bless!

Mike Brown

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