Strategic Catharsis and Daily Life

How many miracles are placed in front of you that look just like ordinary, everyday events? Not every miracle comes with bold signs to let you know what's happening...Just like teenagers, presentations go through that awkward phase where they grow too fast & are all gangly. That’s when you hope they reach presentation adulthood very soon...My wife was watching Turner Classic Movies and the theme must have been "All Doris, All Day" because it was one Doris Day movie after another...When you see a surprising headline that includes a supposed quote, be sure to check out what words (and perhaps major ideas) have been excluded from the quote to create the headline.

It's impossible to hear someone else talking to you if you keep talking and don't listen. Yet how many people just keep talking AT God without ever listening and wonder why their prayers are never answered...The best friends are the ones who never have to be told when something is wrong. Hang on to them for dear life...Check for this disconnect in your life: How many things you SAY are important do you do only occasionally compared to how many things you say AREN’T important to you are you doing every time you can.

Doing Things to Help Others

One advantage of doling out a bunch of advice to people is having one of those people play your own advice back to you when you really need it...The longest time in the world is the time between when you're asked to take a step in faith and when the next step actually appears...I heard an interesting "rule" on the radio from a headhunter: every day past 10 days that you don't get an answer reduces the chance of getting an affirmative answer by 10%...Trust is easy when everything is easy. Trust is always harder when everything seems hard.

It's damn tough to try and get someone else's act together. Yet so often, having your own act together isn't sufficient...The best sports coaches are typically not the most talented players. Maybe mediocre players have to become genuine students of the game to simply get to average...Never underestimate the impact of seldom letting anyone hear a discouraging word from you...If you hit a big goal, immediately set a new big goal - don't delay...Forget having everything in life in balance. Give more of yourself to what's important to you while realizing more than a few other things may be completely out of whack.

"Never quit asking." Good advice that's easy to forget and (for me) tough to do...Sometimes when someone is expressing their hurt and frustration on social media it's a bluff. Sometimes it's temporary and soon forgotten. Sometimes it's sincere and scary. Unfortunately, it may be impossible to tell which it really is...The best apps don't simply do things better. They teach, prod, or goad you into learning and doing better things for yourself...I'm a sucker for loud, forceful, in your face speakers who actually know something about their topics. I want to be like them when I grow up.

Doing Things to Be Ready

The one time I go to the grocery store without my phone, I see a bearded guy in an olive green pleated skirt. Serves me right...Evil likes to show up as benign violence and pleas for openness because people are more likely to invite it in for a cup of coffee...Amazing how genius ideas can take 4 years to realize. But then they are so great. Of course there is that 4 years of missed opportunity...Take this from a guy who plans for a living: Do a few positive things rather than PLANNING for doing a bunch of incredible things that never happen. - Mike Brown

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