Getting started can be a big hurdle. Sometimes, it's all about simply starting anywhere you can start now.

There's such a thing as a rhetorical statement where somebody makes a statement, and they don't really want a smartass response from you.

If you're sharing your incredible Spring Break resort vacation pictures on social networks, how about sharing some everyday crappy weather pix too?

60 is the new 30 because when you hit 60, you still have 35 more years to work before you’ll be able to retire.

When someone’s apparently listening to you, don’t rule out that they are thinking, "I have no idea what he/she is talking about..."

The stupidest thing said to me the past month? "You're from Kansas City? Kansas City, Kansas or Kansas City, Oklahoma?"

I don’t know how to spell the sound a spit take makes.

No matter how hard you look, there are no self-writing magazine articles.

Just because you CAN do a video doesn't make it um, necessary to do, if, um, you can't do one without saying, "um" a lot.

I wonder if Bradley Pitt would have been as successful if his parents had named him "Armand"?

Little kids aren't the only ones that love dinosaurs. Seems like some business executives do as well given the way they cling to extinct business models.

What could you do tonight to be clearer & more focused tomorrow? And by "you" I mean "I." And by all the rest, I mean, "I have no clue."  – Mike Brown

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