Lizzy-Nephew-PorscheWhen you have an incredible brand with strong fan interest and loyalty, what can social media do to enhance your brand position?

And if your brand position isn't that strong to begin with, can you go to school on an incredible brand and its social media effort to enhance your own social media strategy?

I believe the answer to the second question, is "Yes."

When it comes to the first question, Lizzy Nephew, Social Media and Emerging Technology Specialist at Porsche Cars North America, provided a robust answer at the March 2013 Social Media Club of Kansas City breakfast. In her talk, Lizzy shared a variety of smart social media efforts Porsche Cars North America has implemented to integrate social media into the support for its already strong and popular Porsche brand.

What Social Media Lessons Can Your Brand Learn from Porsche?

Rather than recapping the social media strategy programs Lizzy Nephew covered point-by-point, let's take a different approach.

Here are eleven questions related to social media strategy efforts Lizzy described at Porsche.  You can take advantage of the smart approach from Porsche by asking these questions about your own social media strategy. Addressing  these questions can help ensure you are taking full advantage of the opportunities and benefits of engaging in social media for your brand - even if it isn't as strong as the Porsche brand.

11 Social Media Strategy Questions to Ask

Consider your social media strategy and ask: Does our social media strategy . . . ?

  1. Select the appropriate social media presences and vary content and interaction based on our audience’s desired user experience?
  2. Account for getting involved early enough on product launch planning so we are able to build and engage the target audience before the product hits the market?
  3. Take full advantage of the brand strength we have built up during the brand’s history?
  4. Provide ways for users to capture, modify, and create content about our brand to demonstrate their personal relationships with the brand?
  5. Showcase content our audience creates and share what is relevant to our brand or category?
  6. Regularly bring together ALL the departments and people in the organization with knowledge of or access to content of interest to our audience?
  7. Share social media training and tools with our employees and stakeholders so they can become effective social media content creators?
  8. Take full advantage of existing events as rich content creation opportunities?
  9. Make sure we capture as much raw content (especially, video content) as possible to support stories that may not become evident until afterward?
  10. Consider an unexpected and unlikely spokesperson that stretches our audience’s perceptions of the brand and its features and benefits?
  11. Identify ways to create more content than our competitors when we cannot outspend them on traditional media?

It's amazing given that Porsche devotes about 1.5 people (Lizzy and part of her boss' effort) to social media that it has put a strategy in place that works this hard for the brand.

How does your social media strategy stack up?

Is your social media strategy addressing each of these eleven brand opportunities? If not, is it because these ideas do not fit your business objectives, or have you simply been missing out on relevant opportunities? - Mike Brown

Social Media Club KC meets: Porsche North America from DEG on Vimeo.


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