Tear-Down-The-WallWhen it comes to social media strategy, we've been busy creating lots of content over the past two years since we first published a compilation of our social media strategy framework. In conjunction with a half-day workshop I'm leading today at the 14th annual Marketing World sponsored by Frost and Sullivan (#FrostMAR).

As a resource for both the workshop participants and all the Brainzooming readers, this updated social media strategy framework contains seventy-one links to both Brainzooming content and other key resources to help maximize your brand's social networking impact, with a particular emphasis on its application to B2B brands.

If you'd like to talk more about how we can help you apply solid business strategy to your social media efforts, we'd be happy to help in applying our Brainzooming methodology to build a solid strategy and maximize the social networking impact of your investment.  - Mike Brown



1. Integration

 2. ROI

3. Guidelines


4. Listening

5. Building Relationships

6. Getting Noticed


7. Platforms

8. Time and Talent

9. Minimizing Risk


10. Content Marketing

11. Customer Engagement

12. Innovation

B2B Social Media Case Studies

 Regulated Industries

Other Group Topics

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