One objective emerging for the Brainzooming blog is to create a place for cool creative and strategic thinkers to share perspectives. It's always great to have new and different voices on Brainzooming, and it's very humbling to see the number of great guest authors regularly grow!

If you're interested in writing a guest blog, let me know your subject idea via email at Be sure to include "Brainzooming Guest Blog" in the subject line.

Writing & Publishing Overview

As you think about a topic and approach, here's background info I use for doing Brainzooming:

  • The broad topic areas for Brainzooming include innovation, strategic thinking, and creativity. Anything within and around those areas that isn't a commercial is potential fair game for an article.
  • Articles are typically 300 - 500 words. Please include links to other relevant sources of interest to readers. Similarly, include image ideas that will help convey the article's message.
  • The material should be new content or, at minimum, a new variation (updated, freshened, modified) on something you've personally written and published previously.
  • You can forward your article in Word or the body of an email. Also include a brief bio.
  • I edit the article so its style fits with the blog and includes links to related topics. Should there be a need for significant editing, you'll receive a copy in advance to ensure you're okay with the changes.
  • There's no particular deadline for submissions. I'm usually able to give you a sense ahead of time about what approaching date your article will run.
  • You'll get a link to your guest post early on the day it publishes to share with your network on Twitter, your blog, via email, etc.

Please consider sharing your expert perspective and joining the Brainzooming creative team! - Mike Brown