To wrap the week, here are some quotes and notes from the marcus evans Customer Segmentation conference last week:

Several quotes from “Connecting What You Value to What You Do” presented by Kevin Clark, Brand & Value Experience at IBM:

  • “FUMIFU - First Use Must Inspire Future Use TMPolyvision Products, a Steelecase Company
  • “You can tell you have good scenarios when they are both plausible and surprising; when they have the power to break old stereotypes; and when the makers assume ownership of them and put them to work. Scenario making is intensely participatory, or it fails.” – from Peter Schwartz’s book, “The Art of the Long View” , which both Kevin and Sheryl recommended
  • “People forget what you say, forget what you did, but never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

That’s a wrap for the conference recap. It was great to meet everyone there and thanks to Ana Bardelas for producing a great event and making everybody attending feel very welcome!