Strategic-ThinkingWhen the Brainzooming blog started, its focus was to be on strategy, creativity, and innovation. In fact, the first five Brainzooming posts in 2007 framed our views on strategic thinking and its importance as widely distributed function within organizations. A number of years later, the compilation of those five posts (our “Strategic Thinking Manifesto”) still receives strong readership and social media sharing.

Since these first posts, there have been well over one thousand posts on Brainzooming categorized under “Strategic Thinking.” Given all that strategic thinking content, it’s a good time to update our framework. In conjunction with updating our “Creating a Strategic Perspective” workshop, we’re sharing both the structure and links to a subset of the relevant Brainzooming content underpinning our strategic thinking workshops.

Strategic Thinking as an Ongoing Approach

The “Cultivating a Strategic Perspective” workshop is organized in two sections:

  • 4 Characteristics of Solid Strategic Thinking
  • Applying Strategic Thinking Daily – Tools and Techniques to Foster Successful Strategic Thinking & Implementation

4 Characteristics of Solid Strategic Thinking

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1. Strategic Thinkers Seek Perspectives from Multiple Sources

2. Strategic Thinking Goes Beyond Today’s Reality

3. Strategic Thinkers Question Both the Familiar and the New

4. Strategic Thinkers Display Both Patience and Impatience

Applying Strategic Thinking Daily

strategic-question-manUsing Rich Strategic Questions

Anticipating Future Issues

Finding Ideas with Intriguing Connections

Generating Many Ideas Quickly

Innovating Amid Constraints

Idea-Cartoon-BalloonNew Thinking with Old Ideas

Addressing Unknowns

Efficiency and Results

Envisioning Possibilities

Telling a Strategic Story

Working Across and Up an Organization

Managing Challenging People

Would Your Organization Benefit from Stronger Strategic Thinking?

If your organization would benefit from stronger strategic thinking, we'd love to share our expertise and tools through workshop training. Delivered in-person or online, all at once or spread over multiple sessions, The Brainzooming Group approach can help your people improve their skills in identifying new, strategic opportunities and turning them into market realities. Contact us (816-509-5320) or email us ( to get started! - Mike Brown

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