Event-SetupWho are the event people on your team?

Even if you aren't planning and developing events, you should have "event people" involved on your project management team.

What do I mean by event people?

These are individuals who, either professionally or personally, are the successful meeting, party, conference planners, and/or experience planners in life. When you think back to any great event experience in your life and career, event people were behind designing it and bringing it to fruition (including the fireworks show you may be attending later this week).

7 Reasons to Include Event People on Your Project Management Team

Here are seven reasons why event people can make a big difference on your project management team. Event people:

  • Can easily move between broad strategic perspectives and the detail to make the strategy a reality.
  • Operate with the understanding that at some specific point in time, an audience is going to be gathering and not being ready isn’t an option.
  • Easily move back and forth between divergent and convergent thinking.
  • Can and will adapt to multiple roles in the pursuit of making the event happen.
  • Are oriented toward trade-off decisions between what’s desired and what can be delivered for an event.
  • Typically have a high energy level and know how to replenish their energy level when it’s waning.
  • Are thinking ahead to what’s next after the current event well before the current event has even started.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

These are the types of things strong event people do relatively effortlessly. As I’ve characterized it in business, there are two kinds of people: event people and everybody else. I’ve had non-event people running events, programs, and projects, and when it happens, the results are typically disastrous.  Non-event people typically lack the sense of detail and timing that makes successful implementation come together.

Do you have event people on your project management team? Do you know event people you can readily reach out to in a pinch? If not, and you’ve been struggling with successful efforts, go out and find the event people you need to create project management team success. – Mike Brown


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