Thinking back through teams I’ve led in my career, there are clearly project team members you’re always happy to have on a project team. There are also team members you dread having involved on your project.

Want to be one of those always in demand project team members?

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Here’s a seven-step recipe to follow when it comes to project team meetings:

  • Rather than bringing challenging questions you’re anticipating asking to a meeting, send them to the group leader ahead of time. This allows the team leader time to think about the questions – and potentially answer the questions at the meeting before you even have to ask.
  • Take time to prepare the pre-work you’ve been asked to do. While you’re at it, anticipate other pre-work the team leader should have asked for but didn’t and work on that too.
  • Show up early for the meeting to lend support (and to get a sense of the meeting venue, too).
  • Come to the initial meeting – whether in-person or online - with whatever form of a smile and a nodding head is appropriate for the meeting format.
  • Encourage others on the team by being a cheerleader for the group.
  • Let small mistakes or issues during the meeting that concern you but aren’t tripping anyone else up slide until you can discuss them privately with the team leader after the meeting.
  • Stay late to provide affirmation to the leader and see what else you can do to help make the effort successful.

Trust me . . . if you do these things, you’ll be in more demand than you can imagine! – Mike Brown


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