It is usually a lot easier at any point on a project team to do something other than doing the strategic, important, or right thing.

Yes, rather than doing, it is a whole lot easier if your project team behavior is:

1. Criticizing
2. Avoiding
3. Forgetting
4. Running away
5. Observing passively
6. Going along without a fuss
7. Not speaking up
8. Imagining
9. Stalling
10. Disappearing
11. Promising what you’ll be doing
12. Not fulfilling your promises
13. Dawdling
14. Ignoring
15. Changing the subject
16. Not looking
17. Not seeing
18. Saying you’re going to do something
19. Getting in someone else’s business
20. Waiting for inspiration
21. Doing the wrong thing
22. Hesitating
23. Waiting for someone to tell you what to do
24. Throwing a fit
25. Repeating anything on this list, perhaps over and over

Do any of the project team behavior choices on this list represent a behavior you would want to be known for among co-workers?

Didn’t think so.

But if you get into the habit of doing these things when  you're on a project team, it will become the behavior your project team members associate with you.  That’s why, even though it’s the harder behavior, doing something that’s strategic, important, and right is the right thing to do. – Mike Brown


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