If you had the opportunity to spend an entire week dedicated to getting smarter, what would your professional growth plan be?

Thinking about that question relative to improving and growing my talents, capabilities, and knowledge prompted this list of eleven professional growth plan possibilities for a week dedicated to getting smarter. The idea would be to do JUST ONE of these activities for an entire week to boost your professional growth.

11 Ideas for a Dedicated Professional Growth Plan

How might I spend a dedicated week getting smarter?


The whole week's professional growth plan could be dedicated to:

  1. Participating in days full of multiple webinars as a way to create a personal virtual conference program
  2. Reading books, trying to get through as many books focused on professional growth as possible (Okay maybe I would just SKIM books)
  3. Interviewing smart business people around the world for future blog posts
  4. Immersing myself in one application, especially to get back up to speed on video production
  5. Learning (via videos and articles) and implementing (via prioritizing and DOING THEM) all the things we need to implement for the website
  6. Visiting both new (to me) and favorite museums around the city and regional area
  7. Taking professional mini-courses and seminars each day at a community college
  8. Attending a lunch seminar every day, with the added benefit of getting away from the office and talking with a variety of new people
  9. Reading all the unread magazines in the office and writing a two-sentence learning recap from each of them
  10. Scheduling each day full of in-person meetings with smart, intriguing people around the city (and interviewing them for future blog posts)
  11. Reading every eBook I can download (or that I have already downloaded and never read) and doing the two-sentence learning recap for each of them

There are other ideas that could be part of a professional growth plan, but these make the top of the list for ones I could see working well with my learning style.

The BIG question is, however, why don’t I pick one idea and one dedicated week (or heck, even one dedicated DAY), and just get on with getting smarter?

How about you? Are you ready to dive in deep for a week of dedicated learning? - Mike Brown

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