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Creative Thinking Boosters - Why do I feel these next three clicks work well together?

Playfulness and High School Kids

Looks like Bueller was right all along. But we knew that.


The Creativity Pill

Wow, this is fascinating. What would it have been like if Spicoli had been on this instead?


Here's Why You Should Doodle

I have been visually “taking notes” since High School. Sister Mary Elephant just didn’t understand creative thinking, man.


Read this Blog even if you don't need help.


Learning is never about being right or wrong; it’s about understanding. Learning with your team means putting on someone else’s glasses and seeing the world through his or her eyes. What you extrapolate is exactly what you should share. - Paul Jun, Growth team at Help Scout.

This organization does content marketing right. I don’t even need a help desk and I read the blog posts. You should, too.  Here’s this week’s and it’s about learning. The criteria for learning together to occur, and I concur, are explained well: Humility, Empathy, A Schedule, and A Safe Environment. I also like the thoughts about writing.

Creative Thinking Down in the Weeds Part 1 and Part 2


Avoiding the weed patch is usually advantageous — except when it isn't. Just as some desirable plants do sometimes grow among weeds, ideas that truly are treasures sometimes appear only when we take trips down into the weeds. That's why examining the detailed structures underlying the big issues is a useful thing to do. What is usually less useful is doing so when we're supposedly doing something else. – Rick Brenner, Chaco Canyon Consulting

The Chaco Canyon e-newsletter was one of the first newsletters I ever signed up for, and, to date myself, I think it was when I was using Netscape! Rick’s email newsletters aren’t pretty nor has it changed the format in 20 years, but they are good sources for team work, meeting management and project management creative thinking.

Around the World Designing for Change


Love the Illinois Institute Technology (IIT) Institute of Design. I have been to several of their conferences in Chicago, so I anticipate this World Tour approach will be well executed and worth following.  I hope I can get the t-shirt!

The Best Use of Creative Thinking -- Inspiring those that need it most.


In full disclosure, I have never been to a PechaKucha event. I don’t even know how to pronounce it (Puh-chalk-cha?). Makes me think of that famous Pokemon character. But I like what this organization does. It has a big heart and a lot of creative thinking. This series of supporting global catastrophe zones is inspiring to me. It is beautiful what individual creative minds from around the world create. Why does this program make me more cynical about Ted Talks?

And Now for Something Completely Different...

And I quote, “Here’s an appealing idea: candy containing small amounts of fish.”


This article, Fruit candy that tastes like salmon by Patrick ST. Michel, Special To The Japan Times, Jul 24, 2015, is short and sweet(?!). Reading articles about Japan from Japanese sources allows me to explore the ever-changing world of fads and trends that this wonderful country offers. I find myself Oooooing and Ahhhhing every day. –Marianne Carr


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