Working in a large corporation with both organizational strengths and weaknesses relative to implementation, I was generally clear on working the system and knowing the critical steps to things getting done. I was also typically clear on which projects were simply never going to be implemented successfully.

One thing I’ve learned as The Brainzooming Group works with clients having different types of people, business situations, and political environments is other organizations have a whole range of implementation success challenges.

13 Reasons Implementation Success Is a Problem

Thinking back across our client experience, here are 13 possible reasons your organization is struggling with things getting done. They are grouped in three areas: strategy, process, and people-related issues.


1. A mismatch exists between what the organization wants to do and the resources available for implementation success.

2. A disproportionate value is placed on being safe versus taking appropriate risks.

3. While internal demand (usually from senior management) exists for getting something done, there isn’t any strategic foundation for the effort.


4. Development and implementation steps are happening in the wrong order.

5. Talking about things getting done is easier than actually doing it.

6. Too much complexity gets in the way of effectively getting things done.

7. There is no clear understanding or where or how to launch implementation.


8. Too many critical people or other factors for implementation success are changing and can’t be depended upon with any certainty.

9. The people needed to work together to get things done are unaccustomed or unprepared to coordinate efforts.

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10. The person who should be leading the effort is ill-prepared or ill-equipped for getting stuff done.

11. No individual has been charged with leading implementation.

12. Sufficiently strong senior leadership isn’t attached to a project.

13. The implementation team isn’t working well together to get things done.

What Do You Think?

To the extent that one or more of these reasons sound familiar in your organization, you’re going to be struggling with things getting done.

After seeing this list, what other reasons would you add that thwart getting stuff done?

Need Some Help?

And if you’re struggling with how to get things done, we should talk. We can help you get things done by working through your challenges. - Mike Brown

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