Maybe your strategic plan for the year is ready to go. Congratulations!

Maybe you are still working on your strategic plan. That's completely understandable, and you're still in pretty good shape to be ready for next year.

Maybe you are so focused on this year you have not even had a chance to begin thinking about a strategic plan for the upcoming year. You may want to skip ahead to the last paragraph!

Two Strategic Thinking Questions to Ask

Creative-Thinking-QuestionsNo matter which category you are in with your strategic plan, here are two strategic thinking questions we highly recommend you ask and answer for this year as you look ahead to next year:

  • Where did the big surprises - both good and bad - come from in our organization this year?
  • Where did things happen this year in our organization where we lacked key insights ahead of time?

With answers to these two strategic thinking questions, you will have a helpful tweak to the strategic planning you have already done.

Alternatively, you will have additional ideas to help you focus on important areas to prioritize for the strategic planning you still need to do.

And by the way, if you need help getting an innovative strategic planning still completed before we get too far into next year, contact. We will get you Brainzooming! – Mike Brown


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