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Times are very different from when I was launching my business career. In light of that, there are several things I would do differently, yet several things I would not change in the slightest.

Things I Would Change

If I were launching my business career now, I would:

  • Start multiple things since the barriers against doing so are lower when you are early in your business career. When you are more advanced in your career, you make the barriers seem way too big.
  • Move through a bunch of activities to get as many growth experiences as possible. Tenure can shut off growth experiences.
  • Plan with a list and not a fully developed plan. The strategic thinking to arrive at the list and the full plan are comparable, but the lesser effort invested in creating the list makes you more likely to adapt when things change.
  • Try not let a fascination with perfection become a roadblock to doing something.
  • Attempt to cultivate an air of confidence as opposed to an air of hesitancy and self-doubt.

Things I Would Keep the Same

  • Live way below my means. Living humbly provides all kinds of flexibility.
  • Work in a very small business and a very large business. The experiences in a small business and a large business are so dramatically stark, it provides a solid foundation for whatever is next.
  • Concentrate on learning how to find information and interpreting it instead of learning facts that are going to change anyway.

How About You?

What things would you change and what would you do over the same way again if you were launching your business career now?  - Mike Brown


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