1. Updating every three minutes.

I don’t care what it is or how important you think it is. If you suffer from run-on keyboard-itis, get your fingers over to Twitter and share away.

2. What you’re planning to eat, currently cooking, now eating, or recently ate.

Maybe Google Plus will turn into the personal vehicle Facebook is (probably not any time soon - like until later this week), but in the mean time, if you HAVE TO share a picture of your food, TWITPIC it.

3. Mock Focus Groups

This whole thing about throwing out apparently random questions to get scores of followers to chime in with answers is annoying as hell. Yea, I know it’s nice to do on Google Plus because it’s easy to track, but put a frickin’ hashtag on it and throw the question out to your 200,000 followers on Twitter.

4. Multiple Short Blog Post Fragments

Google Plus isn’t Tumblr (although it’s starting to feel a lot like it). If you want to workshop multiple blog posts, get a Tumblr site and see who you can lure over there to read them.

5. Every Link You Find Interesting

Post intriguing things. Take advantage of the ability to share and elaborate on multimedia content. Use the extra characters to provide some distinct background on what you’re sharing. That’s all wonderful. But PUHLEEZ just don't share every Google Plus post you think is interesting and add nothing more than “nice,” “cool,” “agree.” Again, take it to Twitter and pound out reaction re-tweets to your heart’s content.