“Taking the NO Out of InNOvation” touches on eight perspectives and approaches to enhance innovation in you and your team. And on May 14, I'll be presenting it at the Kansas City American Advertising Federation- KC (AAF KC) Get Charged Up symposium along with author Sally Hogshead who will be rocking the place with her afternoon session!

If you're anywhere near the Kansas City area, and you've read or heard me talk up Sally since I met her 4 years ago, take advantage of this opportunity to see her live. In case you can't make this Kansas City event, here are the 8 perspectives that can help you realize more innovation by personally being:

1. Introspective: Be more introspective and understand your creative strengths.
2. Diverse: Embrace diversity & build a creative team with complementary strengths.
3. Forgetful: Figure out how to selectively forget conventional wisdom to refresh your perspective.
4. A Borrower: Borrow thought starters & ideas from new sources & put your own twist on them!
5. Open to Possibilities: Open yourself to all kinds of possibilities by finding new ways to look at situations.
6. Inquisitive: Become more inquisitive and ask great questions to bring out new ideas within you and your team.
7. A Creator: Prioritize ideas and bring them to fruition - actually create something with your creativity.
8. Persistent: Be persistent & tenaciously pursue possibilities since "No's" can provide insights to help you change & get to a "Yes."   – Mike Brown