Short Story: With strategic thinking tools, you want dependable ones that deliver help to move forward in a smart fashion - no matter how unusual the tool may seem.

We share many Brainzooming strategy, innovation, and branding tools. The range is eclectic because their inspirations come from everywhere. In fact, one of the funniest questions I've been asked was whether I went to a training program, took the material, and called it Brainzooming?

The answer: NO!

The Brainzooming methodology continually emerges, refreshes, and grows from myriad sources and ongoing application with real-life clients and workshop participants.

One vital business strategy tool for me personally that I rarely mention directly in workshops is prayer. Prayer (and the humility in asking God for help) are an integral part of my business strategy tool repertoire. I try to dedicate a half-hour to prayer each morning after mass with other times sprinkled throughout the day. People seeing me in church probably think I have a deep, peaceful prayer life. The truth? Silencing my mind to pray and listen for answers from God is INCREDIBLY difficult. I spend much of the time on my knees or sitting quietly struggling to quiet and focus my mind.

Nonetheless, prayer and asking God for answers regularly helps me in business. The most fruitful prayers involve bringing a conundrum to God, admitting I have no clue about it, and asking for assistance consistent with God’s will.

Doubtful about this?

I'm sure some are. I cultivate enough friendships among avowed atheists and others that are skeptical that I know some of you must wonder how I look to prayer as a dependable part of shaping business strategy.

Here are two recent examples.

I was struggling to develop a sales call script and bemoaning that my dad (who was the quintessential sales guy) was gone when I needed his sales expertise. Frustrated, I went to bed after midnight, asked God to help me come up with something, and added that if my dad could hear me, I could use his help. Within a few minutes, before falling asleep, it was as if the sales script started to dictate into my mind. I wrote it out the next morning and had exactly what I needed.

In another instance, I needed to communicate about a potentially awkward situation to a client (awkward, that is, if it were poorly communicated). Wrapping up work for the evening, I didn’t know what to put in the email. I went to bed and prayed for the words because I could not see a way to explain it. Either during the night (because a close friend was texting me at 2 a.m.) or the next morning, the right words were in my mind.

Those are just two instances. There are many more.

Yes, prayer works as a business strategy tool. And for that, I am very thankful! – Mike Brown

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