One of my blogging mantras is always be listening for blog content because you never know where content will appear. Maybe listening for blog content is easier said than done, but when you're having to come up with 235+ blog posts a year, you can't afford to miss great content just because it comes up in an unexpected situation.

Last night, I dropped in on the sold out "Achieve Your 2012 Goals: Social Accountability Happy Hour" presented by Michael Gelphman of Kansas City IT Professionals. While big happy hour networking events aren't the first thing I flock to, I had a great time catching up with a number of Kansas City social media and IT folks.

Michael Gelphman asked everyone to bring three 2012 goals we were expected to socialize with other attendees. I put together my list before heading over to the event. Although I didn't run into that many people talking up 2012 goals, I shared mine with Dee Sadler, who provided helpful comments on moving ahead with them this year.

In the course of talking with friends Aaron Deacon and Jason Harper, Jason made the comment below which screamed to be a blog post. I quickly wrote it down on the back of my 2012 goals sheet:

The Hipster Like Button


There's the lesson: even if it's handwritten with a Sharpie on the back of a piece of paper, when you hear a great idea, figure out how to turn it into a blog post! - Mike Brown


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