Here are innovation thought starters harvested from Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter in two places now: @mikebrown and @brainzooming. There's slightly different content at each - at least for now!

@ireckon marc andreessen: innovation happens - create, destroys, recreate. Failures free up intellectual capital for next innovation

@DanKok Innovation is now the principal competitive weapon - G. Beaver. And innovation only happens with innovative people.

@pinnovation innovation demands highly motivated and engaged employees...create cultures in which people can bring their passion to the work

@roymap Innovation comes from asking great questions. Not from always having the answers.

@ransomtech Chew on this: "We tend to overestimate the short-term effects and underestimate the long-term effects of innovation" ~Chip Bruce

@Adambow #Novate Innovation is being able to combine frames of reference and draw connections between ostensibly unrelated points of view

@retailsprout "Difficult economic times, often spur great periods of creativity and invention." - Carisa Bianchi President of TBWAChiatDay

@FullerJohn RT @JeffAbel: The world leaders in innovation and creativity will also be world leaders in everything else. ~ Harold R. McAlindonm