Have you ever inventoried the people you trust for strategic advice based on why and how you use their perspectives?

I've been thinking about this while trying to figure out what is missing from the people I turn to for strategic advice. As the group of individuals has changed the past few years, there's something missing that used to be there.

It's been a challenge, however, to figure out what the missing ingredient is so I can effectively replace it.

The 2 Types of Strategic Advice You NeedEraser-LV

To find the gaps, I started listing people who I reach out to for strategic advice and / or who offer perspectives I routinely consider.

As I listed nearly a dozen people and why I valued their perspectives, the dynamic was clear. Beyond the fact nearly all of them have been part of my inner circle for multiple years, they fall into two groups:

  1. They help me determine the right objective (WHERE to head)
  2. They help me identify the right steps to get to the objective (HOW to get there)

It probably should not have been, but it was a breakthrough for me to see these two groups so clearly.

Once I categorized the list based on how each person’s advice typically applies, the gap was obvious: I have lost touch with several people who supplied both WHERE and HOW perspectives for me. These are the very people who had been providing the most readily applicable advice for me.

Now that I know what is missing, fixing this gaping leadership hole is the next step.

Leadership and Strategic Advice

If you have not inventoried the people who provide you advice, give it a shot and see who you turn to for leadership perspectives on where to head or how to get there. And is there anyone you can depend for advice on both?

If so, consider yourself fortunate – very fortunate. Mike Brown


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