Whether it is a innovation, creativity, or strategic thinking workshop I’m delivering, I’ll likely mention the acronym BDTP or “better done than perfect.” BDTP is discussed on the blog multiple times as a call for getting things done and out the door instead of delaying until they are perfect.

Recently, after a quick succession of strategic thinking workshops, I’ve been thinking more about perfection. One workshop involved many people active in the healthcare industry where you don’t want to settle for less than perfect, if perfection is defined as whether someone lives or dies.


Contemplating how this changes the messaging on BDTP prompted a realization: there are multiple types of perfection, and the real issue may be striving for a type of perfection that doesn’t really matter (or as we’d say, that isn’t strategic).

What Kind of Perfection Are You Looking For?

For a process, you might achieve perfection relative to its:

  • Purpose
  • Plan
  • Inputs
  • Participants
  • Steps
  • Development
  • Format
  • Outcome
  • Usage

This list isn’t perfect, certainly - it’s just a starter.

Strategic Thinking about the Right Kind of Perfection

So for a healthcare example, what matters might be perfection in the outcome (i.e. someone lives). As much as the other types of perfection might be nice, it may not be a big deal to compromise on them if you deliver the perfect outcome.

So while you may need “some” perfection in what you do, what’s more important than BDTP may be GTRP: Get The Right Perfect.

What do you think about that? Does GTRP make more sense? Looks like I have some strategic thinking workshop slides to change. - Mike Brown


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