I’ve mentioned before about writing on a regular basis for the TalentCulture blog. TalentCulture is the brainchild of the inimitable Meghan M. Biro. Meghan is a true empowerer (potentially a made-up word) of individuals (talent) and companies (culture) to truly rise to their full potential in collaboration, community, and doing all kinds of cool 2.0 stuff.

Meghan's been a true friend and supporter in the launch of The Brainzooming Group this past year, so I'm always excited to help cheerlead for the introduction of new collaborative efforts she's spearheading.

Tonight marks a new collaborative element in the TalentCulture oeuvre, with the inauguration of #TChat, a weekly one-hour Twitter-based chat. Taking place Tuesday nights at 7 pm central time (US), the chats will cover the core TalentCulture community topics of careers, the workplace, and innovation.

The first #TChat tonight will address emotional intelligence, and its importance to being a successful leader. You can learn more about the chats and tonight's topic specifically at this blog post by TalentCulture contributor Kevin Grossman.

Here's a suggestion if you're going to participate: follow and share your perspectives for the chat using TweetChat. It does a good job of updating tweets in near real-time, plus it will automatically include the #TChat hashtag in every tweet.

One admission to make: I have a previous commitment with an adult religious education class every Tuesday night at the time #TChat is scheduled. As a result, I'll only be participating very occasionally until May 2011. But I'll be checking out the transcripts, so let's see if we can generate a strong Brainzooming turnout for #TChat! – Mike Brown

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