I have (finally) written a book on creative leadership. We’re wrapping it up in the coming weeks. The book, Idea Magnets – 7 Strategies for Cultivating & Attracting Creative Business Leaders, emerged from my experiences working with and knowing Idea Magnets throughout my career. They are creative leaders that share bold visions from which they generate incredible creative ideas and motivate others drawn to the amazing creative energy they generate. The book shares tools, techniques, and frameworks to perform as an Idea Magnet, even if that isn’t your natural creative leadership style.

You may ask: Is being an Idea Magnet naturally occurring, or can you develop the qualities?

The answer? Idea Magnets develop both ways.

For me, the path has been from exposure to Idea Magnets. They have shaped my perspectives, talents, and energy to be more like them, whether they were born as one or developed from exposure to other Idea Magnets.

In true Mike fashion, until recently, my perspective was that if I benefited from exposure to Idea Magnets, then EVERYONE must have had that exposure and been shaped by what they experienced.

Then I came crashing into a massive wall of, “THAT’S NOT GOING TO WORK.”

That ongoing refrain during a conversation prompted me to realize that this person had NEVER been exposed to an Idea Magnet. Idea Magnets shape their team members’ views to become comfortable working from a vision (and not a detailed plan), incomplete steps (vs. figuring out everything before launching), and a rich sense of hopefulness (in contrast to a prove it to me before I start attitude).

In the absence of that exposure (or a life experience causing an individual to learn that you must move ahead and succeed instead of complaining about what isn’t there), one winds up continually saying NO and walking away from innovative possibilities.

With Idea Magnets, I’m trying to make a very conscious shift in my own thinking and communication to focus more on what can be incredible. Let’s all seek out the attractive power in embracing possibilities, starting right now, and accomplishing amazing things in the pursuit of even more amazing ones.

I invite you to come along with us as an Idea Magnet. To find out immediately when the book is available, click here or on the image below. You will be the first to know when we unleash Idea Magnets on the world!  – Mike Brown

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