It's near year's end. Many organizations are wrapping up planning. If your organization is like most, your new plan calls for some combination of major innovation, significantly improved processes, strong cost reductions, and dramatic growth in the year ahead.

What is the common denominator behind accomplishing ALL of these expectations in next year’s plan? Stronger creative leadership to identify productive tactics, make better (and faster) decisions, and successfully implement with a major impact.

If all that causes you look at your team and wonder where the creative leadership will come from to accomplish next year's plan, we have a great way to make it happen: cultivate Idea Magnets throughout your team!

The Answer to Boosting Creative Leadership within Your Team!

Idea Magnets easily generate tons of creative ideas, embrace strategically-driven innovation, and naturally turn ideas into results.

And the best strategy to boost their creative leadership talents is to get copies of Idea Magnets: 7 Strategies for Attracting and Cultivating Creative Business Leaders for all your team members. This Brainzooming book demonstrates the value of stronger creativity. It also spells out seven actionable strategies and shares numerous creative thinking questions, tools, and exercises to inspire every team member’s creative energy and business impact.

There's time now to order Idea Magnets books for yourself and your team ahead of next year. If you have a large team and need more than fifty copies of Idea Magnets, contact us for special large-group packages.

Buy Your Copy of Idea Magnets TODAY!

A Creative Leadership Workshop Maximizes the Innovation Impact

To further boost the creative leadership impact for your team, you can schedule an Idea Magnets learning workshop for 2019. Workshops include:

  • Idea Magnets – 7 Strategies for Cultivating & Attracting Creative Business Leaders
  • Disruptive Thinking - Unexpected Connections & Polar Opposites that Energize Creativity
  • Positively Charged - Conducting Big Breakthroughs from Ordinary Ideas
  • Idea Magnetism – Charging Your Organization for Success
  • Generate! Making Tried & True, Improved & New Ideas Flow

Since the release of Idea Magnets, we've delivered unique creative thinking workshops for companies such as Farmers Insurance, Cerner Corporation, and Amsted Industries. We've also created Idea Magnets workshops for a number of nonprofit and early childhood educational groups. You can get an overview of the Idea Magnets strategies in the video below from the Leadership Institute!

What's great about booking an Idea Magnets workshop NOW? You can take advantage of your use-them-or-lose-them budget dollars from this year to maximize your team's performance in the coming year.

Idea Magnets: It's the actionable, high-impact creative leadership resource for your 2019 success! – Mike Brown

Your Go-To Resource for High-Impact Creative Thinking!

Creative Leadership Questions to Generate Big IdeasWant your own ready-to-go supply of creative thinking questions? Download 7×7 – 49 Questions to Generate Extreme Creativity. This new creative business leadership eBook offers seven extreme creativity questions for EACH of the seven Idea Magnets strategies:

  • Generate Inspiration
  • Embody Servant Leadership
  • Attract Opposites
  • Make Unexpected Connections
  • Encourage People and Ideas
  • Implement for Impact
  • Recharge Creative Energy

All in one place, the forty-nine questions in 7×7 provide an actionable creative formula. 7×7 will inspire you and your team to amazing creative thinking success.

FREE Download 7x7 - 49 Questions to  Generate Extreme Creativity