There are lots of reasons to blog, and many bloggers start with visions of making lots of money blogging. In fact, when I ran into a very nice group of women at Panera last week who were familiar with the Brainzooming blog, one of the first questions they asked was whether I was making a living off the blog. My quick answer was, "No."

But then again, making money was never the direct motivation for starting a blog. Instead, what sustains me in blog writing is the desire to share the many blessings I've been given (learnings, lessons, experiences, wisdom from mentors, etc.) more broadly.

The "pay" is learning someone benefitted from a blog post because it helped them get unstuck creatively, develop a new strategic approach, or consider an innovative way of approaching an opportunity or challenge.

Last week, it seemed as if I got paid for blogging nearly every day. A few examples:

Not sure what in the post would get her excommunicated, but let me tell you - based on these four messages alone, last week was a very high paying one for my blogging efforts!   – Mike Brown

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