Yes, I Wear Orange Socks

I’m not sure where the Wall Street Journal got a picture of me in my orange socks to put in this ad . . . Bill Gates had a story in the Wall Street Journal recently on how to solve  the world's problems. Maybe he could solve PowerPoint problems first and then get back to us . . . For whatever reason, food doesn’t just miraculously appear in the refrigerator. As much as it seems like it should, it never happens.

If you're going to be a week off on the date when an event is, it’s better to be a whole week early . . . Not a good thing: Calling your new trainer by the name of the trainer you've been working with for 6 years . . . You mean that Matthew Perry show is still on? Really? Really?

Late Night Twitter

Ever spend time on late night Twitter or Facebook? Here are my typical reactions, “Eeeek. Sheesh. Nice. Liar. Again? Watch out. Who are you?” . . . Intriguing that they deleted all the former Pope’s tweets on @Pontifex but the account still kept its 82 Klout score . . . People criticize the Catholic Church for medieval thinking, but you have to remember: IT WAS  AROUND IN THE MIDDLE AGES to be thinking.

For as competitive as I am, I don’t get into “my THING is bigger/better/earlier than yours” discussions. If you go there with me, you automatically win . . . I once wrote a clean limerick that started with the line, “There once was a girl from Buckhead.”

I Love My Freudian Slip Checker - When It Works

From a speaker I saw, here’s a quote to tweet if you’re into tweeting quotes: "It's like. Um. You know what I mean" . . . Two typos that got through the Freudian Slip Checker that I’ll be using in presentations: Tirade-offs and sueprising . . . Every rubber band that’s stretched snaps back – or breaks. Think about the repercussions.

I hate that it's easier to go from 0 words to 900 words in a blog post than it is to get from 2,300 words to 900 words . . . Thinking just now: If not for similes, there would be hardly any blog posts written . . . It has been a snowy winter, and I’m not sure which caused more muscle pain: The 19 hundredth day of blogging or the 3rd day of snow shoveling?

Just because something matters to you doesn’t mean it matters to everyone else. That’s Exhibit A in proving you’re wrong when you think everyone is like you . . . In my opinion, the Award for the Best Blog Post Title Ever goes to It's T-Bone Walker's World. We're All Just Doing Two Shows a Night in It. It just doesn’t get any better than that, people . . . Rants have a narrow range of length to be effective. Too short and you simply sound disagreeable; too long and you seem like somebody the FBI should be watching.

That Was Never an Argument Just Now

Personally, you have to pay me to argue. I don’t argue with just anyone for free . . . My most recent thing I wanted to say to a client and didn’t: "How would I know? Because I'm not 25 and just got out of college. That's how I'd f'n know”  . . . I'm not sure what just happened here, but I hope not to regret it tomorrow . . . As we say around our offices, "When in doubt or you don't have anything else to run, run a Larry King column." - Mike Brown

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