Is accelerating your innovation strategy high on your organization’s priority list for this year?

If growth is an important component of what you are trying to accomplish, innovation is likely getting a hard look as an important part of realizing that objective.

The Brainzooming Group has you covered, with eBooks to:

  • Evaluate innovation opportunities and challenges
  • Conquer change fears and resource limitations
  • Identify and develop innovation strategies with a customer perspective
  • Keep your personal innovation perspective sharp

If any of that sounds like what you have in front of you for this year, we invite you to peruse our list of free innovation strategy eBooks and download all of them that will help you be more efficient and effective in the year ahead.

5 Innovation Strategy eBooks from Brainzooming

The Ten Big NOs to InNOvating

The Brainzooming eBook The Ten Big NOs to InNOvating reveals ten common innovation strategy barriers your organization may be facing along with actionable ideas for overcoming them.

7 Strategies to Conquer Your Organization’s Innovation Fears

Assess whether your organization is displaying any of the seven typical innovation fears. For each fear, we highlight strategy options to mitigate the fears and push forward with innovative strategies.

16 Keys for Finding Resources to Accelerate Your Innovation Strategy

Use the strategic thinking exercises in Accelerate to help identify new possibilities for people, funding, and resources to jumpstart your innovation strategy.

Outside-In Innovation Strategic Thinking Tools

This eBook features sixteen strategic thinking exercises for innovation The Brainzooming Group uses with clients to ideate, prioritize, and develop their best growth ideas.

Taking the NO Out of InNovation

This Brainzooming eBook helps take the “NO” out of InNOvation, addressing eight personal innovation perspectives along with sharing ideas for how to make sure you are as creative and innovative as possible.

Need More for Your Innovation Strategy?

If you want to go even deeper on innovation, contact us, and let’s talk about your specific needs and how we can help you address them to achieve your growth objectives for the year ahead. – Mike Brown

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