Have you ever taken a moment to consider what gets in the way of your company fully embracing business innovation?

Do you suppose it is fear of change?


We were leading a creative thinking workshop for a subsidiary of a German-owned, privately-held company. One of the executives (who was a fantastic participant and brought a double dose of creativity to any group in which he was in) said at one point, “All I can hear are the ‘rules’ and the ‘nos’ with every new idea!”

Whoa! What is that all about?

It is about an organization’s leaders being comfortable with whatever is in front of them and being fearful of the uncertainty of business innovation.

Business innovation is a numbers game. That means there are going to be misses. And failures. Maybe spectacular failures.

If you are smart in how the organization is pursuing its innovation strategy, however, there are going to be wins along the way. It just may not always be possible to know ahead of time with certainty what the big wins are going to be.

7 Strategies for Conquering Business Innovation Fears


If your organization is routinely coming up against fears of change that slow (or undermine) innovation, the new Brainzooming eBook is for you. 7 Strategies to Conquer Your Organization’s Innovation Fears looks at typical fears and offers solid ideas for how to best mitigate them to push forward with new ideas.

This eBook is the latest in a series of eBooks we’re releasing on successfully tackling business innovation barriers.

Download your copy of 7 Strategies for Conquering Business Innovation Fears today, and start devising your strategy to put fear in its place! – Mike Brown


Conquer Fears of Business Innovation!

FREE Download: "7 Strategies to Conquer Your Organization’s Innovation Fears"

3d-Cover-Innovation-FearsWhether spoken or unspoken, organizations can send strong messages saying, “If it isn’t broken, don’t screw around with it” in a variety of ways. Such messages make it clear that good things do not await those pushing for innovation involving any significant level of risk.

This free Brainzooming innovation eBook identifies seven typical business innovation fears. For each fear, we highlight strategy options to mitigate the fears and push forward with innovative strategies. We tackle:

  • Whether facts or emotional appeals are ideal to challenge fear of innovation-driven change
  • When it is smart to call attention to even bigger fears to motivate progress
  • Situations where your best strategy is taking business innovation underground

Download your FREE copy of 7 Strategies to Conquer Your Organization's Innovation Fears today!

Download Your FREE eBook! 7 Strategies to Conquer Your Organization's Innovation Fears