Some blog posts are written with the intention of helping you become more innovative and successful. Some, quite frankly are written as reminders to myself to do things to be more innovative and successful.

Today's post is one of those.

Be prepared to capture ideas as they come to you. Great ideas arrive out of sequence, at odd times, and evaporate easily.

To contend with that, some people recommend a strategy of having a single "capture" tool to get all your ideas down in one place. For me, the way to go is using a multi-tool (ideally multi-media) approach to capturing ideas: a small notepad, a Flip camera, a smartphone. That's the mobile toolset.  When not on the move, I use multiple writing and drawing pads since different sizes and formats tend to stimulate different types of ideas for me.

The problem currently?

I don't seem to be using any of them very effectively. So this article is intended as a personal strategy prod to get back on the idea capture program.

If you're currently doing it effectively, go ahead and mock me. If not, let's both get restarted and not lose any of those little fledgling ideas full of possibilities! - Mike Brown