We were on the phone with a client. We were discussing our approach for developing a specific business strategy. After completing their strategic plan a few months earlier, we’re now fleshing out a successful implementation strategy for an initiative they spelled out in the plan.

They asked if our approach would resemble what it looked like when developing their strategic plan. That included:

  • A company-wide online survey (to get a sense of what employees thought about priorities and challenges)
  • A couple of online collaboration Blasts! (to engage the leadership team without them having to travel)
  • A day-long, in-person leadership team visioneering workshop (to develop the main inputs into the strategic plan)
  • Follow-up review and acceleration meetings (to finalize the strategic plan and implementation tools)

Given their comments about this new initiative and how it's been point of contention for some time, we suggested talking further before suggesting our approach.

Designing Strategic Planning with Your Implementation Strategy in Mind

implementation strategy start with the end in mind

We asked the two executives if they knew the best strategic answer already, or whether collaborative strategy input should shape the answer. They indicated they definitely wanted to build on the capability in their organization, but were open to input on how best to develop and deploy it.

Then, since they'd already identified who they wanted in the workshop, we asked them to step back to consider the individuals within the company that:

  • Have information and insights needed to shape the initiative strategy
  • Have perspectives needed to develop it
  • Will be important for their support
  • Need to be included because they'll challenge it

We will take that information, coupled with timing expectations, their in-person versus virtual availability, and insights we gained from the earlier online survey, to develop the right steps with the best possibility of leading to a successful implementation strategy.

This is still an early work-in-process. The point is to prompt you to think about changing how you develop strategy. Create your strategic planning approach based on what it will take for a successful implementation strategy. From our experience, THAT is a huge factor in developing a strategic plan that an organization implements instead of letting it gather dust on a shelf.

If that's not how you develop strategy in your company, contact us, and let's talk about how we can help you develop a strategy that fits your organization's culture, opportunities, and capabilities!  – Mike Brown

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