We routinely ask those of you downloading Brainzooming strategy and innovation eBooks to share – if you are willing – the opportunities and challenges you are facing at the time.

I went back through recent responses from among readers who are on the blog most frequently. Here are their comments on opportunities and challenges, along with links to Brainzooming posts addressing the strategy and innovation situations they face:

People and Organizational Issues

"Buy in from staff on the new vision and the required change"

"Internal politics"

"Stickler to the old ways of doing things (and) not willing to get out of the comfort zone"

"Resistors and toxic manipulators"

"The matrixed nature of our vast organization"

Strategic Planning Process

"Helping train my team to be strategic thinkers and not just executors"

"Simplifying (strategy) process and engaging people to implement"

"Strategic planning in the past did not work, looking for other approaches"

"Infusing fun, creativity, and innovation into the planning process"


"Out-of-the-box thinking to create disruption in the industry"

"Being innovative at a low cost"


"Managing ideas and seeing them through to implementation"

Do you have questions on strategy and innovation that are vexing you?

Contact us, and let us know what they are!  – Mike Brown

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