From a recent conference, here are more tips for bad presenters. If any apply to you (please ask somebody about that), heed this advice!

  • If you are a flat presenter, listen to “Renegade Master” by Fatboy Slim before speaking. It will definitely pump your energy level.
  • Arrive early and do whatever you can to ensure your laptop is placed so you can see it from where you’re speaking. Then use it to look at what’s on the screen; stop turning around to look back at the screen as if you’re sharing the view with the audience.
  • Also have somebody stand where you’ll stand and see how the lighting looks. If the presentation area isn’t well lit, get someone to help adjust the lights so you’re not standing in the dark. If that doesn’t work, consider changing where you’ll stand.
  • Stop reading slides.
  • When sharing a list of what you plan to cover, don’t talk about each item in detail on the first pass through the list. Save it for when you’re actually going to be covering it.
  • Don’t tell me you’re not a professional speaker. I can tell.
  • When time’s running out and you announce you’re going to move quickly through the rest of the presentation, don’t read the remaining slides word for word. Instead, share the broad themes that you haven’t touched on yet.
  • Finally, go see Edward Tufte present live. It’s an experience that will help you immensely!