Business branding (and by business branding we mean the entire brand promise and experience, not just a name and a logo) is an undercurrent throughout Brainzooming blog content.  Brand strategy is central to our treatment of social media, marketing, communications, business innovation, and competitive strategy.

Since business branding is not a part of Brainzooming blog’s standard content line (strategy, creativity, innovation, and social media) though, it can feel as if brand strategy gets short shrift here. In fact, a blog visitor asking about our coverage of business branding prompted today’s compilation post of selected brand strategy content.

These sixteen articles on brand strategy provide an overview of our business branding thinking on various topics.

Defining Brand Strategy

Adjusting Your Brand Strategy

  • Bad Strategy and Economies of Scale – It can seem like the right move to remove small elements of the brand experience when you have a scale-driven cost savings opportunity, but what’s the brand loyalty impact when customers notice?
  • Creative Thinking for Brand Extension Ideas – Brand extensions can be tricky, but this simple strategic thinking exercise can help in thinking through how other brands’ extension strategies can prompt new directions for your brand.
  • Untangling Your Brand Attributes for Greater Value – Over time, brand attributes can become too bundled and undermine customer value perceptions. When that happens, it is time to rethink ways to deliver branding benefits and value.
  • Strategy in a Full House of Brands – When you have acquired a whole array of brands through M&A activity, making them all fit into one house of brands can become crowded.

Addressing Brand Challenges

Incorporating Lessons from Others

What Other Branding Topics Are of Interest to You?

Are there branding topics you're interested in learning more about here on the Brainzooming blog? Let us know, and based on the broad branding experience on our team, we'll tackle your questions! - Mike Brown

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