In the spirit of broad Kansas City community efforts to brainstorm ideas for how the introduction of Google Fiber can change lives in Kansas City, The Brainzooming Group was excited to partner with Social Media Club of Kansas City to create “Building the Gigabit City: Brainzooming a Google Fiber Roadmap.”

We conducted the large-scale brainstorming session on October 3 with a diverse cross-community group of nearly 90 people. The 120-page Google Fiber brainstorming report is available via free download on the Brainzooming website at

The Many Voices of Kansas City

As we compiled the Google Fiber brainstorming report, we wanted to share the voices of the many passionate Kansas Citians who participated in Building the Gigabit City. Rather than a typical strategic recap from The Brainzooming Group where we report results with a single written voice, we've worked hard to maintain the vibrancy, insights, aspirations, and cautions of everyone who shared their perspectives in the Google Fiber brainstorming effort.

Just as the input was crowdsourced, the results are as well as we're making the report available for free to everyone in partnership with Social Media Club of Kansas City.

In this Google Fiber brainstorming report, you'll get a sense of these voices from the community through the different structures and depths with which their concepts and ideas are reported. The voices will come through in the Personal Perspectives offered by a number of individuals involved in the session.

Finally, you'll "hear" a range of voices in the ideas and concepts themselves. Rather than starting from scratch, Building the Gigabit City was designed to build upon work and thinking that's already gone on in Kansas City about what Google Fiber could and should mean for the city. Beyond brainstorming on current thinking, there was a lot of new creative thinking about what the Gigabit City can be, too.


Google Fiber in Kansas City – The Building the Gigabit City Report

You can watch an archived livestream of the Building the Gigabit City release press conference at the SMCKC Gigabit City website in addition to downloading the free report.

We hope you'll use the results to truly use your talents and resources to help realize the promise of the Gigabit City! - Mike Brown


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