We facilitated the "Building the Gigabit City" brainstorming session Monday, October 3 with a tremendous, diverse group of individuals from across Kansas City. Our objective was to identify potential opportunities for how Kansas City will use the ultra high-speed internet capabilities Google Fiber will provide to change individual lives in the metro area. In partnership with Social Media Club of Kansas City, we designed and facilitated the event as a large strategic brainstorming session.

Visualizing The Brainzooming Group Process

We don't write much about specific clients we work with on the blog, because frankly, the type of strategy and innovation work we do results in proprietary output. Even that The Brainzooming Group is working with a particular client is often sensitive information. As a result, this pro-bono session, inspired by a challenge to Social Media Club of Kansas City from by local Kansas City government officials, is a rare occasion to write about and depict the strategy and innovation work The Brainzooming Group does for specific clients.

Right now, we're in the midst of reviewing, compiling, and documenting the Gigabit City brainstorming session's output and our strategic input on the three themes of "Learning, Living, and Leading." The brainstorming session results will be shared with anyone in the community or globally as an input to make the effort more successful.

In the meantime, here are three initial videos from Kansas City television stations (Fox4 and KCTV-5) plus one from Jason Harper at the Kansas City Missouri Public Library, another major "Building the Gigabit City" sponsor. Each video depicts a different aspect of the Google Fiber event, the facilitators, and the participants.

Look for more updates over the next few weeks here, and on Social Media Club of Kansas City's Gigabit City website. "Building the Gigabit City" was an exciting, dynamic innovation step for Kansas City, and we are very appreciative that The Brainzooming Group was in a position to make it happen!  - Mike Brown

Fox4 - Google Fiber Plans

KCTV 5 - Gearing up for Google Fiber 



Kansas City Missouri Public Library Recap

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