I always appreciate when an organization is comfortable enough with itself to add fun or some other emotion to its service delivery. My appreciation is especially great when a business displays the willingness to carry the emotion into the most mundane, and potentially little-noticed, parts of its operation.

When scrambling to catch my plane in Minneapolis (yes, another Minneapolis post…what an incredibly rich experience for only being there 18 hours), I briefly stopped at a Caribou Coffee stand to buy a sandwich.  When leaving, I grabbed a handful of cocktail-sized napkins, shoved them in my coat pocket, and hurried to the gate.

Only when I got home and emptied my coat pockets did I notice the questions and musings printed on Caribou Coffee napkins.

How cool! It would be easier to leave the napkins blank or simply include the standard corporate message and images. But Caribou Coffee was looking to pass-along value from its napkins. What a great way to employ a routine item for guerrilla marketing value in a way most businesses would NEVER imagine! – Mike Brown

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