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Bounce Forward and Telling Not Showing from Seth Godin


Short and sweet creative thinking from Seth Godin about how to make ideas more powerful.

Qualitative Research and Innovation


The most important question is usually WHY?

Throw Back Thursday -- on Friday: Strategy defined in 1996


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Four Trends to Learn More About Now

  1. Sympathetic Pricing
  2. Post-Demographic Consumerism
  3. Currencies of Change
  4. No Interface

An interesting creative thinking exercise would be to ideate, “In what ways do these trends impact our current offerings?” and “How might these offerings need to change to continue our current level of success?”

Considering Holacracy? Watch Out for These 6 Red Flags

  1. Top leaders may be the most resistant.
  2. Don’t discount the value of leadership.
  3. Power can’t stand a vacuum.
  4. Give it time to work.
  5. Walk the walk.
  6. Study the history.

Zappo’s is exploring Holacracy. Time will tell if it is a fad or will become Standard Operating Procedure.  My hope is that it encourages creative thinking and creativity at work.

Quotes Worth Sharing


Internal customers are any stakeholder you deliver a product or service to in exchange for some kind of social/professional currency. We all have internal customers.

Nine Powerful Books of Elon Musk


In this article you will also find links to books recommended by  Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I am going to explore all three lists and learn something this summer.

Content Marketing Infographic of Infographics


This is kind of Meta – a map of maps. I am still trying to wrap my head around what really makes a good Infographic. This one is too big to fit on my computer screen all at once mainly because it is vertical and my computer screen is horizontal. On my mobile device, which is vertical, it’s just too darn small to be useful. So if I print it out, there goes the convenience of the links. Sigh.

Design Thinking in Your Next Project


My favorite quote: “Design thinking” is really just another way of saying “problem-solving.”  But this IS a good primer for Design Thinking. Most important step is Define the Problem. Most important aspect of defining the problem is Empathy. - Marianne Carr

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